A business? Of course, but with a big dose of community!


Let’s be clear: most of the time when you start a new business, it’s to make… business.  Nope, sorry, we didn’t reinvent the wheel here. The purpose of TheBigQuiver is to make some good money, so our team and our partners can have a decent living in a field they love: the complex and capricious surfing industry.  Even if new technologies can easily empower you almost freely at a point you couldn’t imagine a few decades ago, you know very well that money is still the fuel for everything, except maybe for the passion that devours you every morning. Let’s face it: combining a new IT service with a worldwide approach is not cheap but we assume it because we just love what we do.

We believe that we will go far beyond business. We think of ourselves as a community. Why? Because we see so much passion around. The passion of craftsmen for lines, design, and shapes. And the passion of surfers in the quest of the perfect ride, with the perfect surfboard. To us, surfing is the last mainstream sport where it is possible to explore, experiment, create, try or customize a gear ‘on demand’. This is why the relationship between shapers and surfers is so important to us. This deep bond between shapers and surfers is a key. And we promise ourselves not to lose it.

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