Keep your beloved ones safe: travel light

At a time when it has rarely been that easy to travel the world, and particularly NEVER before this affordable and convenient to fly across the globe, we are being offered infinite opportunities to satisfy our passion of surfing.

Unfortunately, there is a down side to the story. When booking your flight, airline companies charge excessive fees for on-boarding your surfboard and, of course, they will provide you with insurance assistance when they damage your board. But what will you do with a broken board when you land in Sydney, Hawaii or Lisbon? Even professional surfers face broken surfboards issues when landing for a competition (Kanoa Igarashi in the US, Natxo Gonzalez in Chile, Tika Smith in Fidji…).  Be honest with yourself: do you truly believe groundcrew pay particular attention when storing your baby in the plane?!! and they make sure it will not be broken while flying through turbulences?

We believe that we are far better off flying hands free of our beloved surfboards and rent from local knowledgeable shapers, for a cost that will remain below the extra damaged luggage. In addition, we will enjoy toys crafted with true heart and passion, in the the respect an understanding of the local environment, up to the current conditions. We believe in the power of mutual trust within our community, and surfing is nothing if we do not get the proper surfboard.

This is how we feel when we think of surfboards and airlines. Travel safe.

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