The Making of Jacaranda Fever. PART I

It’s the time of the season where a little change in our quiver is requested. Warm weather and longer days gives us a second wind. But, on the other hand, this means that weaker and smaller conditions are upon us. That’s not necessarily a bad thing ’cause small waves can ends up super funny when you have the right surfboard!

As you can understand, the summer is on its way, and that’s why we’ve decided to refresh our closet by adding a 9’2 to our personal quiver, joining in the log category our very very classic 9’4″ Uncle Buck by Hobie and our beloved ‘Wicked Arrow‘ (a 9 performer shaped by Barrel Surfboards).

Finding our finest Summer Weapon (as we loved to called it) was not an easy task, but it finally seems to be running smoothly (as the saying goes: patience is a golden path).

Step ONE: In Search of a 9’2 Classic Longboard

To briefly put things into context, this ‘quiver refreshment’ is highly influenced by the fact that three months ago The Big Olive (may her soul RIP) gave up the ghost.. We loved this board, a wonderful replica of a board we deeply love: the Compressor shaped with love by Garry Linden.

At first sight, it looked like any usual surf session – consistent with powerful rights break – totally manageable, but the last wave just turned out badly (we called it The Portuguese Steamroller Massacre). That being said, The Big Olive was an all-in-one gear, perfect for both consistent days and small days. In short: a perfect multipurpose toy.

So, we thought, as long as we were getting a new board (in remplacement of The Big Olive), we should have a blast ridding a longboard! That being determined, the searches began.

We were looking for a 9’2 traditional and classic longboard, a bit sharp with a nose concave if possible but it was not mandatory at the beginning. We asked around in the hope of finding our rare gem, but no one seemed to have a log in stock. Diogo Appleton Surf Craft had a 9’4 noserider, close to what we were looking for but it was a bit too big for us (see pics above). For those in search of a big baby, you should definitively contact him! Super nice guy and amazing work with a very interesting shaping style.

Few days later, we had a wonderful offering by Wavegliders Surfshop, in Ericeira. One of their shapers, Source Surfboards, was selling a super super nice log (see pics above)… but unfortunately out of budget for us.

After few more days searching, we finally had a pleasant surprise. We went to ATM Surfboards to see, if by any chance, they had something in stock and they offered us the opportunity to build a 9’2 from scratch! And, the funny part was among us: deciding on the dimensions, on the color, on the name and so one.. As you might guess, we were more than stoked!

Step TWO: Drawing. Cutting. Shaping. Blending.

We quickly decided on the dimension (well, we already had in mind what we would love to do if the opportunity of making a longboard showed up). The request was simple: a 9’2 not too thick (2 3/4), a beautiful and ‘raw’ square tail, and, if possible, a nice ‘spoon’ for a little ‘hang something’ possibility. Now, it’s only a matter of doing what we dreamt about, and for that part, we leave it to THE professionals.

Two days later, the shaping process was done! We do not believe it how fast they worked on our new babe, and the result could not be better. Looking at her for the first time was unspeakable; she was exactly how we imagined her. A deep spoon perfectly done for mastering the noseriding style, a square tail for turns and speed, and an outline just breathtaking for medium summer style conditions and weaker waves of course!

Step THREE: Deciding on the Color

Now, we had to find the perfect color for our new babe. We had so many colors crossing our min; green, orange, red, purple, blue.. The shaping process was done, they were ready for the next step so we’ve decided to pick only one color each to reduce the options available: Oliver took red and I took purple. But, it did not help us as we thought it would ’cause it ends up that we liked both red and purple..

The ultime question for the rest of the day was: Purple or Red? We had to gamble on it playing Backgammon ’cause we were incapable of choosing one!

We cannot thank them enough for their amazing work and kindness ๐Ÿ™One last thing, if you’re looking for a new toy for this summer or for any time of the year, we strongly recommend you to contact ATM surfboards right away! And, stay tuned for the rest of the story! The next steps are coming soon ๐Ÿค™

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