Warm up, don’t wear yourself out

Ooooh, the magnificent sight on the waves, the incredible swell slashing the shore, the noise of the seagull, the smell of sea spray… you just wanna put the leash on (or not) and run through the waves like David Hasselhoff would have done in that time -or as he would do today for a hamburger- the splash of the water on your face, the cold going up your wetsuit… What a magnificent time of the day.

We agree, maybe this style is not the best one when you warm-up before surfing.

Except for one thing. If you ever attend a surf lesson, you just forgot your first assignment: WARM UP!!

Surfing is a sport, not just a lifestyle. Have you ever seen Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Kelly Slater or Mick Fanning getting into the water without warming up? Yes, we are talking about professionals with body shapes as close to perfection as can be for their respective practice, and yet, they warm up!!!! Even singers warm their lungs up before recording or getting on stage, so how come one for whom it is not the daily task does not warm up before getting into the water?

You know, we love to make jokes.

I remember the last time I did not warm up. I took only 10 minutes before I got cramps which lead me to fall off my surfboard, right into the washing machine. We know you already know this and how to do it, or you will find several advices on internet like on SurferToday, SBSboards, TheInertia, and so many more. Do not forget, these 5 minutes can save your session, and the following ones.

Ok guys, this is a serious warm-up!

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