TheBigQuiver US Tour

Yes, we are in California for a few days! Just because the old world is not dead, we think it is always better to meet people IRL. It is not that we are old-fashioned, but chatting eye to eye with someone is definitively what we love (and it’s not only because we are French, uh!)

So, we are in SoCal to meet shapers to explain to them how we want to manage our project, and how we plan to develop our service in California. We are just beginning our meetings, but feedbacks are for the moment super positives.

The local shapers we met are really fond of what we are putting in place. They clearly understand our view. Of course, we are a business company. Of course, we need to make money to move forward this project we love so much. But before all, we love shapers and we want to promote their work, especially when the market trends are difficult for them. It always had been our motto: these guys deserve the best because they serve our everyday passion.

During our last meeting, we would like to give a special thank to Chris from Carrozza surfboards for his real kindness. And a real big up to Oliver from WaterMark for all the advice, the contacts and this great energy. Oh! and yes, thanks again for these nice caps. They will be our lucky hats for this little trip here.


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