Want some more? Well, here is some more!


When you meet a guy and he tells you “well, you know, I’m coding since I’m 6 yo”,  you can imagine what this guy is able to do with a computer. So, we are pleased to present you Youen, who decided to join the team.

Just like DataKernel, his partner in crime on the devs side, Youen is more back-end oriented. These guys are strongly passionate about the strange things happening far away from your screen, in a distant server. That’s the way it is, no need to discuss that.

But for the moment, we have another mission for these two guys. We need them to take care of the front-end development of our website. Hey Youen, you admitted it: ” my favorite languages are Java, Javascript and Python, even though I am capable of using many languages”.

In a short term, they will be in charge of creating a super UX/UI front-end website. But, there is more. For sure we will need soon an app. We are in a mobile-first consumer age, no? Well, these guys will think about this WPA thing, propelling us in the new age of development.

So Rock and Roll!

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