New Faces


At some point, you need to accelerate. But more you accelerate, more the to-do-list gets longer. And more the to-do-list gets longer, more you accelerate. You see what we mean, no? Down under this massive wave, almost drowning, we were in need of fresh air. And fresh minds.

Because we are used to be trapped in the deep blue sea, we knew fresh air would come back soon.

It was not so obvious for the fresh minds, but sometimes life is full of surprises. So, we do not have one – nor two-, but three new minds on board! Let’s go.

On board!

So welcome to Thibaud. After a few months surfing together and many discussions about TheBigQuiver, he decided to join and help. From now, he will be in the front row and will drive day to day operations. What a great move for us.

Jeebee (Jean Baptiste in real) is a long time friend. We know each other for more than 30 years. He is now living in San Fransisco and will help to connect with IT investors passionated by surfing.

Fred is one of – not to say- the best digital specialist in France. He knows everything about digital strategies, and he is a true help when we need advice to get in touch with our customers.

David. I guess you already know that David is on board with us. But we are so proud, we can’t help telling you again, and again, and again…

And we want to end with Nuno. Nuno is our lead dev. He is a little bit crazy (find a strange guy in the pic above, and you got him), but he knows about coding. He will be our master of bytes (when not surfing or working for this incredible local brand: The Crooks. Ah, and yes, most of the local team is part of the Crooks).

One more thing

And one more thing! Oh, it’s not really a surprise if you are a fine observer. Yes, we changed our logo. We hope the new one will be less controversial…

That’s all for the moment. And as usual… have a great day surfing!


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