We love shapers. And we think you love them too.

Well. A startup story often begins like that: if you can’t find it, build it. This is the story of TheBigQuiver. We love surfing. We love traveling. But hitting the road with ourĀ  surfboards was not always obvious.

In addition, we love shapers. We have a profound respect for these craftsmen that dedicate their lives – at least a part of – to our pleasure. And our favorite sport has this strong particularity in which it is still possible to order a full handmade surfboard. If you know another sport where you can reasonably build your gear, name it!

So, after almost two years of thinking about this project, six months ago we decided to jump into this adventure for good. With all inherent behaviors you can imagine in this kind of situation: we have ups and downs, we act sometimes too quickly, we have problems managing an expanding to-do-list, and, we admit it too, we sometimes communicate like rookies (and not to help, we are French). In short, we live our startup life.

Today, we are very pleased to open this new communication channel. This is definitively the place where you will follow our adventure and interact with us. And we hope you will like it.

Have a great surfing day!

Amber and Olivier



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